The Shaving Institute

A top athlete has to take good care of his body. And when you are constantly in the spotlight during international tournaments, your personal appearance is important too. Epke has it covered. Wherever he travels, he is a fresh and clean-shaven person. With the latter, he has some help from The Shaving Institute. As sponsor, but also with our innovative shaving lotion.

Wet shaving 2.0

Just like Epke, The Shaving Institute strives for a perfect result. And just like gymnastics, one can only reach that with a lot of ambition, exercise, and experience. The latter, being a relatively young Dutch company, we gained in the cosmetics industry. It forms a base of many years to realise our revolutionary dream: a transparent lotion making wet shaving comfortable, easier, and faster while moisturising the skin.

Innovative shaving lotion

Epke developed innovative exercises on the horizontal bar. He was the first gymnast in the whole world to complete three flight elements in succession on the horizontal bar. Three-in-one is also what makes The Shaving Institute’s innovative shaving lotion unique. A delightfully fragrant lotion that makes it superfluous to buy separate shaving foam and moisturising aftershave lotion. This lotion is all you need for a complete shave.

Fast, faster, fastest

Epke has to set up a high speed on the horizontal bar for his ingenious dismounts which leave him standing firm without tripping or stumbling. With The Shaving Institute’s shaving and moisturising lotion, you set your own speed record: a complete shave, including skin care, within 1 minute! Because the lotion is transparent, you can see exactly where you are shaving, where your sideburns start, and where your beard lines are. That makes shaving easy.

The ultimate shaving comfort and yet a contrast

Despite the similarities between gymnastics and wet shaving, there is one big difference. While Epke has to train for years to reach the perfect end result: the golden medal, he realises the perfect shave without any practice, with a little bit of help of The Shaving Institute. And Epke is happy with that, because he likes to shave quickly and look well-groomed. The video aptly shows the similarities between gymnastics and wet shaving.

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