I am proud of our partners and the resulting fun activities. Furthermore, I work as an ambassador for various foundations:

Campina: Sterk met Campina (Campina makes you strong)

No less than 10 million Dutch people exercise at least once a week. Not just because it is healthy, but mostly because we like it. In the new campaign ‘Sterk met Campina’, Campina and Olympic Champion Epke Zonderland encourage all exercising Dutch people. The campaign started mid March, just before the start of the outdoor sports season.

De Friesland

We are extremely proud of the fact that Epke Zonderland feels connected to De Friesland. With his Frisian charm and level-headedness, he is an inspiring example for Frisians and non-Frisians. Epke embodies De Friesland’s spirit. He is sportive and athletic, lives healthily, is level-headed and wants to continue as sports doctor after his career in sports. Epke moves! And we wish that for everybody.

AA Drink

Epke has an exceptional talent for gymnastics. And, thanks to this talent and very hard work, he has demonstrated several times to be the best of the world. As major fan and one of Epke’s main sponsors, AA Drink is very proud to support this super talent.

Logo AA Drikn


Craft has been known for decades as developer and producer of high-quality technical sportswear. Epke Zonderland is a charming ambassador for the Stay Cool products. Not only does he need a Baselayer to keep his body at the right temperature in warm indoor conditions, but the items also have to remain in place during the movements he makes when doing his exercises, as on the horizontal bar. As an A brand in functional sportswear, we contribute in this way to Epke’s best possible performances.

The Shaving Institute

A top athlete has to take good care of his body. And when you are constantly in the spotlight during international tournaments, your personal appearance is important too. Epke has it covered. Wherever he travels, he is a fresh and clean-shaven person. With the latter, he has some help from The Shaving Institute. As sponsor, but also with our innovative shaving lotion.

Van der Let & Partners

Van der Let & Partners is a versatile media company. With the right strategy, cross-media commitment and a high degree of creativity, Van der Let & Partners contributes significantly to the internet strategy of companies. We harbour many disciplines in an informal setting to insure the best performance. Learning, innovating and inspiring and, at the end of the day, being proud of the contribution made to the customer. We are very proud of our cooperation with Epke!

Gazelle: op de fiets naar de trainingshal (take your bike to the gym)

Gazelle is a proud sponsor of Epke. As traditional Dutch brand, Gazelle wants to help Dutch top athletes to continue practising their sport at top level. The energy Epke puts in the sport to reach the top, matches the energy that Gazelle as manufacturer, spends in the development of high-quality bicycles.


Volkswagen has already been sponsoring the NOC*NSF and the Olympic athletes for 25 years. Epke has been a part of it for three years. His level-headed and charming personality matches our brand very well. You can see that at the platform Elke Dag Supporter (Every Day Supporter), where Epke also plays a part.

Sports for Children

Sports for Children collects old gymnastic devices and sports equipment from Dutch schools. After inspection and refurbishing, these materials are donated globally to sports clubs and schools that have empty gyms due to insufficient budgets. Hundreds of thousands of children of various nationalities can start a sports career this way. We make unique products from unusable sports equipment under the label GameOn. The profits finance our transport and movement projects in the Netherlands. Thank you, Epke, for your willingness to be our ambassador!


GameOn is the label of the foundation Sports for Children, where all products that are made of unusable sports equipment can be bought. Bisonyl and canvas of mats is used to make colourful bags and beautiful accessories in sheltered workshops. In cooperation with Dutch artists, the wood of sports equipment is turned into unique, contemporary furniture. Sports for Children uses the profits to finance the primary charity: giving children globally the opportunity to fully participate in play and exercise. Epke also believes this is important and we are very happy with his contribution.


I work as an ambassador for various foundations: