De Friesland

Our doctor ‘Appke’

With Epke’s Frisian charm and down-to-earth nature, he is an inspiring character for Frisians and non-Frisians alike. He is personable, vital, healthy living, down-to-earth and is currently studying to become a sports doctor to build on his successful sports career. It is no coincidence that he is a member of our vitality program ‘Samen Fitter’, we even named our app ‘Dokter Appke’ after Epke which allows you to quickly and easily ask health questions.

Living vital together with De Friesland

In addition to providing healthcare insurance, we dedicate ourselves to vitality and health. Our operations are shifting more and more towards service provision around these themes. We do this believing that people want to help each other to live longer, healthy and energetic lives, and with the goal to make the North the healthiest and most energetic region. That’s what we call living vital together. More info about De Friesland.