De Friesland

Epke is joining us!

We are extremely proud of the fact that Epke Zonderland feels connected to De Friesland. With his Frisian charm and level-headedness, he is an inspiring example for Frisians and non-Frisians. Epke embodies De Friesland’s spirit. He is sportive and athletic, lives healthily, is level-headed and wants to continue as sports doctor after his career in sports. Epke moves! And we wish that for everybody.

About De Friesland

In addition to providing healthcare insurance, we dedicate ourselves to vitality and health. Our operations are shifting more and more towards service provision around these themes. We do this believing that people want to help each other to live longer, healthy and energetic lives, and with the goal to make the North the healthiest and most energetic region. More info about De Friesland.