Campina: Campina makes you strong

No less than 10 million Dutch people exercise at least once a week. Not just because it is healthy, but mostly because we like it. In the new campaign ‘Sterk met Campina’, Campina and Olympic Champion Epke Zonderland encourage all exercising Dutch people. The campaign started mid March, just before the start of the outdoor sports season.

Campaign Campina makes you strong

Exercise and good nutrition come together in our new campaign “Sterk met Campina”. Because exercise cannot be done without good nutrition, like dairy. For example, milk supplies essential nutrients like protein, calcium, and vitamins B2 and B12, that are used for your muscles and bones. This not only applies to professional and passionate athletes, but to all of us. With Epke Zonderland as ambassador and Campina as official NOC*NSF supplier, Campina would like to share the story of the power of dairy with everyone in the Netherlands.

Good nutrition is essential

Even for a top athlete like Epke Zonderland, balanced nutrition is incredibly important, and dairy fits this purpose. Epke Zonderland: “The correct nutrients derived from healthy base food, like vegetables, fruit and dairy, are essential for a good performance and a strong, healthy body. For instance, I like to have yoghurt straight after a training session. A product filled with proteins that supports the recovery of my muscles.”